Tuesday 17th February

| BY 10Magazine

Fendi Pre Fall 2015 Press Day Fendis Pre Fall

Fendi’s pre-fall 2015 press day was a riot of colour, fur and colourful fur. All the colour, fur and colourful fur actually made me feel rather emotional. In fact I haven’t been so emotional since last week’s episode of Take Me Out when Looci’s ex-boyfriend came down the love life. Can you believe it? Her ex-boyfriend! She and Nick had an emotional reunion and then packed off to Fernando’s! Seriously, you can’t write this stuff. Anyway, Looci and Nick’s reunion, like Fendi’s pre-fall 2015 press day, made me emotional. Tres emosh, if you will. But thankfully, a Karlito iPhone case was on hand to cheer me up. And look how cheered up I look! Apparently I am the first person to ever take a selfie with it. If that’s not enough to make my parents feel over the fucking moon, I don’t know what is.


By Ted Stansfield