Wednesday 3rd August

| BY Jack Moss

Introducing Fendi’s #Fendirumi Pop Up In Harrods

Often, the site of two slightly-larger-than-human-sized furry animals running down Brompton Road brandishing several Fendi bags would be the cause of mild alarm. Is this the end? Have animals finally learnt to infiltrate the human world and are thieving our luxury goods? Are animals about to take over the farm in bloody pig-led Orwellian revolution? No, not for now. Panic not. Because these large furry animals 1) come in peace and 2) are not actually real, but humans dressed up in costumes. And the creation of the house of Fendi, no less, making them possibly the chicest furry animal costumes that have ever existed. They are in West London to celebrate the launch of the Fendirumi pop-up in Harrods this August – according to the release, they are “two metres of furry fun created by Fendi, the Fendirumi pay homage to the Japanese phenomenon of kigurumi animal suits, inspired by the QuTweet bag charm.” Their names? Piro-chan and Bug-kun. Aren’t they nice? The pop-up will celebrate the character’s personality and will contain special bag charms and some exclusive new bags. All limited edition. So get yourself (and your credit card) down to Harrods from tomorrow to enjoy full Fendi immersion…