Thursday 15th September

| BY Will Johns

First Look At Paco Rabanne’s Collaboration With Peter Saville

Personally, I don’t like to think too much about what I’m going to wear in the morning. I like dressing to be an effortless process. A stress-free affair whereby one can easily create a look without fussing about what goes with what. As a result of this way of thinking, some might say that my clothes are boring. And I would take offence, preferring to use words such as minimalist. Simple. Timeless, even. Anyway, I know all too well that an understated dresser can find themselves in trouble on days when more of an effort is required. When there’s a reason to make an impact. When a grey t shirt and jeans just won’t do. When you need to walk into a room and have people gasp in delight at your overwhelmingly unique beauty, style and charisma. Enter the Peter Saville x Paco Rabanne Spring Summer 2017 collection. Yes, these pieces could still be described as staples – T-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, underwear etc. – but basics they are not. Each piece is emblazoned with words representing titles of the cult book ’Nues’ by Jean Clemmer in 1969 – the main source of inspiration for the project, with the idea to create clothes thought out as book covers. We can officially judge a book by it’s cover. Gazing superficially at a person’s exterior and judging it is what we do, dahhling. Our verdict – we love.

First available at Dover Street Market in London from September 16th 2016.