Thursday 5th May

| BY Jack Moss

First Look: Missoni’s ‘Missoni, Art, Colour’ Exhibition

3How better to spend one’s Wednesday night than at the opening of an exhibition? Tres culturale. That’s exactly how our wonderful Editorial Director Phoebe Briggs spent hers, trotting post-work to a strange world known as Bermondsey. She “got a bit lost and flustered en route,” apparently. Phoebe doesn’t venture south of the river often. Don’t worry – who does? But actually, this element of adventure added to an already thrilling proposition of an evening – a private view of Missoni’s brand new exhibition at the Fashion And Textile Museum shown round by the Missoni familia themselves. Di-vine. And there was white wine. It was nice, Phoebe reported, but the glass holding situation interfered rather with her picture taking abilities. And she didn’t even end up drinking it. Shame on you Phoebe. This is a skill you must learn.

Now, the exhibition in question is entitled MISSONI, ART, COLOUR, – “an exploration of the creative process of Italian fashion house Missoni and the textiles of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in the context of 20th century fine art… over 60 years of fashion alongside paintings by leading 20th century European artists”. Phoebs liked the art, which she enthusiastically showed me on her iPhone this morning. It looked very nice. Expensive. And, she informed me that her interest in knitwear was also piqued. As was a rising curiosity about colour. The result? “It has slightly made me re-consider my all-black wardrobe”. Success!


Photographs by Phoebe Briggs