Thursday 5th April

| BY Finn Blythe

Five Reasons Why Sì Passione, The Latest Fragrance From Giorgio Armani, Should Be Your Next Scent

Giorgio Armani’s latest frag is the one you’ve been looking for. All those hours spent whiling away in Duty Free, wafting and sniffing your way through a separate carry-on worth of testers were, sadly, in vain. The perfume you were looking for was, literally and metaphorically, right under your nose. This is the Sì Passione, and here are five reasons why it should be your next signature scent:

It’s All About The Passion 

Unsurprisingly, passion is the secret ingredient of this here elixir, and who could claim not to be in need of an occasional top-up of the stuff? Imagine a life where passion was on tap, a mere spritz away, turning life’s most tiresome chores into the highlight of a day. In Mr Armani’s own words, “an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit”. We say Sì.

The Power Of Red 

Red is danger, red is sex, red is power, red is wine. We like red. Sì Passione is all about the Rosso and its many guises, which is why this frag will virtually speak for you (because who actually likes talking to people), whatever mood, icy glares and tender embraces included. 

The Bottle Is Nice 

There’s a school of thought that prioritises the bottle over the scent. It’s not one we subscribe to but it’s obviously important to visualise how this will look in your bathroom. In the case of  Sì Passione this means a flacon, not a bottle, thanks. With it’s luminous shade of carnation red, expect said flacon to remain a prized piece of bathroom decor long after its contents are empty.

It’s Made From Jungle Essence

Like those posh health smoothies that tell you just how healthy they are with little diagrams of fruit, Sì Passione has an equally impressive, and healthy, list of ingredients. The backbone is blackcurrant Jungle Essence nectar, which sounds like a squash someone needs to make, while sparkling pear, pink pepper, rose and jasmine combine for a hyper feminine, hyper addictive scent. Does it count as one of our 5 a day?

Cate Blanchett Wears It 

This probably should have been first – but then you would have likely ignored the other four reasons. Because what more do you need to know other than two time Oscar winner, three time Golden Globe and BAFTA winner, mum of four and all round goddess, Cate B, chooses this as her scent? There’s a woman who knows about getting into different roles, characters and moods, and this is her best kept secret.