Wednesday 22nd January

| BY Ella Aldersey-Williams

You Can Swap ’til You Drop at Galeria Melissa’s Sustainable Pop-Up

The last time you negotiated a swap may well have been with your beloved Pokémon cards on the primary school tarmac, but the phenomenon has been re-circulating the fashion industry since Fashion Revolution’s annual event with Global Swap Exchange gained major popularity. As for your next swapping endeavour, it’s taking you to Galeria Melissa in London, as the Brazilian brand host their very own Clothing Swap Shop event this Thursday. Set against the sugary-toned lights of the Covent Garden concept store, this experience will be far from your average Sunday-morning sift through the local charity shop in search of a bargain. Displayed on neat clothing rails akin to your luxe shopping experience, the second-hand pieces will be interchangeable with your unwanted garms only. Forget cash – at this shop, the currency is clothes.

In collaboration with Vegans of LDN (and of course, accompanied by their food market for necessary sustenance), the initiative provides a sustainable solution to a mid-season wardrobe refresh. We’ll still be serving killer lewks … just without the guilt. Prep for the event sees us digging out our once-loved pieces that never quite made it onto Depop. Those glittery flares that only re-surface for the annual Boxing Day boogie could see more use from the weekly residents of Carwash. Likewise, the PVC body that Carol-from-next-door no longer reaches for could certainly be re-werqed by yours truly atop a dance floor or two. And with endless possibilities of who could walk through those doors ready to swap, swap, swap, the venue will transform into a treasure trove of forgotten gems ready to be re-homed. You can now register for tickets which are totally free, with the only rules being: bring garments that are in good condition and that aren’t made from animals (wool, leather, etc.)

With an art space elevating the sustainability conversation to new heights, it’s time we all follow suit. And we’re truly excited for the evolution towards a more eco-conscious industry.  Now, does anyone have any archive Gaultier garms collecting dust at back of their wardrobe? Perhaps a Viv Westwood bustier you’re just no longer loving? Head to Galeria Melissa this Thursday – we’ll happily swap.

Clothing Swap Shop: Melissa x Vegans of LDN will run from 5-8pm on Thursday 23rd January at Galeria Melissa. Register for free tickets here.