Wednesday 31st October

| BY Connie Lombaya

GCDS Just Dropped Their First Beauty Range

Untitled-4GCDS is the Italian streetwear brand that has been on the up and up since their inception in 2015. Constantly going against the grain and they’re always inciting fresh, innovative ways to stay at the tips of cool kids tongues. The Hadid’s, Kendall Jenner, Lil’ Yachty (FKA Lil’ Boat) and their ilk, have all given the brand their seal of approval. Following on from their explosive SS19 collection, styled by Ten contributor Anna Trevelyan, GCDS are making their first foray into beauty.

Streetwear and makeup have always gone hand in hand. It’s fair to say that beauty integral to elevating a look to icon status. Who could forget Lil Kim in full-look Tommy Hilfiger, finished with a faux beauty mark. Or what about Foxy Brown’s 1999 CK ad, with that bold black lip and smokey eye… The list goes on. The debut drop of GCDS’s made in Italy cosmetics launched at the ComplexCon last week in LA and online, with a campaign featuring friend of Ten Sophia Hadjipanteli, alongside Derek Drummond, Bola Edun and Malaika Firth.

So as of right now you can actually invest in some 100% cruelty-free lippies. There’s: Blinghoe, Hype, Marijuana 4:20, Velvet D.I.C.K, four very bold names to match four very bold colours – perfect for you GCDS lovers out there. Let’s break it down: a homage to blaze-o’clock, Marijuana 4:20 is a bottle green shade that (thanks to a ph reagent) transforms into a blushing cherry tint once in contact with your lips or cheeks. Velvet D.I.C.K. is a rich rouge with a matte finish, whilst Hype takes the form of a transparent “deep idratation” nourishing lip balm; Perfect for buzzing lips. And last, but by no means least, Blinghoe a is a sparkly pink plumping topcoat.

Oh and as you’d expect, the packaging is just as fun as everything else. Each lipstick comes in a glossy black tube, complete with a white GCDS logo and comes in foil evidence bags with full breakdown of ingredients. “These products are for me the purse essentials,” designer Giuliano Calza told WWD. We’d have to agree and can’t wait for what’s coming next. So, in the words of Queen Bey: “Let’s get in formation”.

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