Wednesday 14th June

| BY Finn Blythe

Giorgio Armani Launch New 2017 Fall Campaign

More fashion news for your viewing pleasure – this time the beautiful work of Dutch photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen, who was recently tapped by Giorgio Armani to shoot their latest 2017 Fall campaign. It’s proper nice. Understated and elegant, that’s what we’re calling these double images – each of which are composed of adjacent photographs in both colour and black and white. A quick peak at Annemarieke’s Insta tells us that she’s partial to the old B&W shot, and the imagery for this new campaign is no different – each picture capturing the personal nature of the subject, and dove-tailing it with an accompanying image that reveals and emphasises a particularly elegant individual feature. A hand tucked under an arm, a flexed shoulder, arms folded neatly behind a back…these photos do force the rather alarming idea of what part of your anatomy Annemarieke might pick out were she to snap you instead. It’s a terrifying thought and one we’re not even prepared to indulge. Fortunately for us, the opportunity is unlikely to arise anytime soon, or in fact, anytime at all, especially given the bevy of beauties in line for this campaign; Lara Mullen, Lineisy Montero, Margot Davy and Charlee Fraser to name but a few.