Wednesday 21st April

| BY Brittany Newman

The New Giorgio Armani Mare Collection Will Have You Dreaming of Somewhere Hot

Remember how we told you to get buying a new cossie for the new Giorgio Armani Yacht? Well, as always we’ve got you covered. The house has just released a new capsule collection designed for holidays, boating life and the great outdoors (aka for your future yacht expedition).

Giorgio Armani Mare has everything you could possibly need to hit the deck: think polo shirts, sarong skirts and vests in lightweight chevron linens, cotton poplins and linen gauzes. Don’t worry, there are also some straw hats, rope espadrilles and sandals in there for you – we couldn’t think of a better attire for a life of sun, sea and sangria by the jug-load. Delish.

Explore the collection here.