Tuesday 20th November

| BY Dino Bonacic

Bring On The Snow, We’re Wearing The Giorgio Armani Neve Collection


I said brrrr… It’s cold in here – there must be some Armani in the atmosphere. Excuse the impromptu Bring It On cheer but it is indeed very cold in here. So cold actually, a skiwear collection might even come in handy, despite us being located in the heart of London’s Soho, far from the Alps. The Siberian blast has taken over the British Isles, and just in time, the team at Giorgio Armani released their new Neve collection, a set of full looks designed to be worn during the chicest Euro ski trips out there. And if a ski trip isn’t in your agenda for the time being – a simple walk down Epping forrest will do.

Embracing the lifestyle of a fashionable couple in motion, the collection (which originally launched in the 1990s) brings back the classic Armani codes, reinterpreted in a fresh way. Logos, activewear lines and a subdued colour palette – these looks go from foggy morning calls to après-ski entertainment quite effortlessly, forming this luscious fantasy of a winter holiday we’re in desperate need of. Dressed in a velvet ski-suit layered over a cashmere roll-neck topped off with a hot GA-logo pink helmet, we’re ready for our slope-y close-up. Bring on the avalanche, we’re slaloming in style.

The Giorgio Armani Neve collection is available online and in selected Armani stores from November.


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