Wednesday 13th February

| BY Connie Lombaya

Giorgio Armani Release their New Tailoring Campaign – And It’s All Made-to-Measure


Straight off of the men’s fashion month train, the consensus for AW19 was… *drumrolls* Tailoring! So, what better news to wake up to than Giorgio Armani announcing their new made-to-measure campaign. Leave it to Mr Armani to strike while the iron is hot. Shot by the talented photographer Brigitte Lacombe, the campaign is sleek and sexy, capturing a new take on classic shapes. Master tailor, not even Hollywood could deny his Midas touch. For 30 year, Armani has been lending their wizardry to the silver screen. The Untouchables starring Kevin Costner and his infamous 3-piece suit – Maxime Daunay is basically his stunt double in this new campaign, guns not included. Leo DiCaprio ditched his Hawaiian shirt and was reincarnated into the Armani man in the Wolf of Wall Street – now model Pepe Barrosso is bringing it back too. Allow this new campaign to jog your memory on just how major custom Armani actually is… 

You’re in luck. The made to measure service provides the customer with the option to personalise their suits adding touches unique to their taste and personality. The Armani man is sophisticated and charismatic, with impeccable taste. There’s no better way than to exude their ethos of naturalness and fluidity than in a custom fit. Whether you choose one of these men or just their perfectly tailored suits, that one’s completely up to you.

Appointments are available to book online and in an Armani store near you.