Friday 1st May

| BY 10Magazine

Giorgio Armanis 40th Anniversary Celebrations


Last night in Milan, Giorgio Armani celebrated his 40th anniversary in fabulous fashion with a small intimate gathering. Five hundred of his nearest and dearest were invited to not one but two exclusive events, the opening of Armani/Silos, a new exhibition space created by Mr Armani himself, and a grand fashion show, showcasing a selection of some of Mr Armani’s finest Prive pieces, all followed  of course by a cocktail fuelled cocktail party. And how does one best accessorise on an evening celebrating ones 40th anniversary? With a bevy of glamorous female companions on one’s arm of course. Follow Mr Armani’s lead. Ditch the cufflinks for Tina Turner, Glenn Close, Cate Blanchett, Janet Jackson, Hilary Swank and Lauren Hutton.

By Natalie Dembinska