Friday 18th May

| BY Joel Traptow

Glenn Martens Is The Next Diesel Red Tag Project Collaborator

gm_mainThis just in, to start your weekend off right. Glenn Martens, the creative director of oh-so-cool and favourite of our Editrice-In-Chief, French label Y/Project (Aka the one who sent hight high uggs down the runway which I’ve already pre-ordered, no word of a lie) has been announced as Diesel’s next collaborator for their Red Tag project. “It’s going to celebrate 40 years of Diesel,” Martens says. “The idea is that it’s the label through my eyes, from the contemporary world and a different generation.” As a man who already serves up hot hot denim for his own label, we can only imagine the magic that’s about to unfold with the power of Denim giants Diesel behind him. The brand has had an impact on Martens for years, which we imagine will be another inspiration for his creations “Back in the ’90s, when we had no Internet and you had looked to magazines, the label’s image and advertising was very much about going up against the rules, pushing limits, getting people to open their eyes,” Martens says. “The first time I saw a gay couple kissing was in a Diesel campaign. It’s very important; it’s one of the brands that define who I am. I have a lot of respect for it.” Needless to say, we are very very very excited about this one. As you know, we hate waiting for things and to quote the iconic Veruca Salt “Don’t care how I want it now!!!”, but luckily the wait won’t be too long- Glenn’s Diesel Red Tag collection will be shown during Milan mens SS19