Thursday 1st April

| BY Brittany Newman

Gorillaz are the New Faces of Fred Perry

The new faces of the Fred Perry Shirt have arrived, and it’s only the bleedin’ Gorillaz! (Could you get cooler campaign stars? We don’t think.)

In our current state of digital flux, using the biggest virtual band for a campaign is right on target, but also, who better than a group that simply never goes out of fashion, just like the Fred Perry shirt.

Keeping the spirit British through and through, each Gorillaz member can be seen wearing either the M3 One-Colour Fred Perry or the M11 Twin Tipped Fred Perry. Shirts that are easily recognisable and a piece of subcultural uniform.

Designed originally as a tennis shirt, the Fred Perry shirt has spent the past 60 years as a pillar of British uniform. Still selling to the masses despite the design staying exactly the same all this time, you can always count on your Fred Perry to make you Feel Good (Inc) in your clobber. Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good.

Photography courtesy of Fred Perry.