Friday 11th December

| BY Jack Moss

Gosha Rubchinskiy Releases Greatest Hits Collection


Get the Gosha look. Like our fashion assistant Dominic. Because who wouldn’t want to be like him? He’s fabulous. Currently, he’s sporting a bright read sweatshirt by the Russian designer-cum-photographer. Complete with a lovely little Russian flag badge. Antony would most likely refer to this as a “look”. And now you can get it too – Gosha’s giving us all an early Christmas gift by releasing a Greatest Hits collection – dropping, as if by magic, into Dover Street Market stores worldwide today. And, for us lazy, desk bound folk, it will also be available on their e-shop – because who wants to move of a Friday afternoon? The collection of lovely printed bits and bobs, the most popular pieces from his archives, is all to celebrated the two-year anniversary of DSMNY. But watch out – Gosha superfans lurk in the most unlikely of places – so be quick. They’re dedicated. And move fast. /