Monday 21st March

| BY 10 Magazine

Gosha Rubchinskiy Will Be Pitti Uomo’s Guest Designer


Step forward June, month of Summer promise, where two consecutive days of continual sunshine is enough to make you throw away all clothing that extends beyond the knee and say stuff like “I’m going to spend the whole of this summer drinking water infused with lime and sunbathing on my fabulous East London roof terrace”. Oft-times, it then rains for another three and you are left mildy pneumonic under a picnic blanket in a park somewhere. Thanks be, then, that we have found a pursuit this June that is not weather dependent in the form of Gosha Rubchinskiy being named this year’s Pitti Uomo Guest Designer. Which begins on June 14th. I mean, for a start, Florence has a far more temperate climate and second, the show is most likely under some sort of roof. So, Gosha – he who finally convinced Ten Towers that yes, a nylon P.E. short could and should be part of one’s everyday wardrobe, and that shaving off ones hair and dying the remains a primary colour can, in fact, look good (no mean feat) told the Business of Fashion, that he “wanted to do something unexpected… A Russian designer showing streetwear at Pitti — that’s definitely something people don’t expect to see.” So, expect Florence to be overrun with terribly cool folk, who know, better than you ever could hope to, how to wear a hoody/leather trench coat combo. Yes, even in summer. These people don’t sweat. We are practicing our post-Soviet Russia-look as we speak. Well, we’re not. But we will. And it won’t be pretty.