Tuesday 23rd January

| BY Finn Blythe

Grace Wales Bonner Is Releasing A Womenswear Collection Later This Year

WB1Plenty of excitement surrounding this somewhat informal announcement that the wonderful Grace Wales Bonner will be launching her own 12-piece womenswear capsule collection in June of this year. And there we were (menfolk) thinking we had her all to ourselves…No great fanfare or wordy press release here, but being the nosy so-and-so’s that we are, word has reach us, or rather, we have reached word.

First revealed via a cryptic image on her Instagram, the new line is said to be a natural extension of her existing men’s collections, which we’ve always considered more than suitable for female consumption, and they have in fact been sold as such at Dover Street Market for the past few seasons. Is that not what they call a self-fulfilling prophecy? I think it is. Speaking to Business of Fashion about the launch, Grace described the venture, saying “with womenswear, the collection is focused on tailoring. That’s something I’m interested in exploring, as that’s the core element of the brand… That said, I still designed the collection on a man’s body, so then it’s about how to incorporate that onto a woman’s body.” Frustratingly, June is quite a long time away, but you know it’ll be worth the wait.