Monday 4th October

| BY Andrea Sacal

Gucci Turns 100 with a Collection Inspired by The Brand’s Musical Legacy

The house of Gucci believes that the world of music must be honoured, especially because its name is often heard in songs far and wide, from all genres in every corner of the world.

As a tribute to 100 years of the legendary house, Gucci 100 brings forward the deep connection between the two languages of clothing and music. Gucci’s brand name has appeared a whopping 22,705 times in musical lyrics dating back to 1921, the year of the brand’s birth. “Above all, music is the only medium, aside from fashion, that is more reactive to the times that mutate and mark the new, the today, the now,” writes Alessandro Michele in an official press release

The Gucci 100 collection features a range of ready-to-wear and accessories that are adorned by the Gucci 100 logo and verses taken from three songs selected by the designer. The lyrics “Music is Mine Gucci Seats Reclined”, “This One’s Dedicated To All You Gucci Bag Carriers Out There It’s Called You Got Good Taste”, and “And The Men Notice You With Your Gucci Bag Crew” don the garments of the collection with pure musical style.

Celebrating 100 years of music, the Gucci 100 campaign honours a broad range of musical genres from jazz and Japanese punk, through to disco and afrobeat. A cast of upbeat characters moves through the evolution of musical sounds, harmonies and styles throughout a campaign – channelling the beauty of dance, the energy of music and the thrill of performance.

Shop the collection at Gucci’s Circolo Shoreditch store.

Creative Director: Alessandro Michele
Art Director: Christopher Simmonds
Photographer & Director: Joshua Woods
Make up: Diane Kendal
Hair: Paul Hanlon