Eat Your Heart Out Jane McDonald – We’re Going Cruising with Gucci

To quote a certain fizzy drink ad: “holidays are coming.” Temperatures have dropped, Xmas tree lights have switched on and the list of presents are not getting any shorter. Wouldn’t it be lovely to just escape the gruesome reality of forced fun that is the holiday season? Skipping on the troubles of burnt turkeys and frustrated family members just might be this year’s solution for a successful December 25th. A cruise you say? Well, yes indeed – it’s Alessandro Michele’s Gucci family docking into the harbour for their last stop before the final destination which is… An undisclosed tropical location. But who cares what the place is when Santa is giving away GG-emblazoned wallets and 1970s-style aviator frames.

For this year’s gift-giving campaign, Michele commissioned artist and long-time collaborator Harmony Korine to capture his usual gang of models amid the festiveness set on a cruise ship heading over to a psychedelic tropical island where all things Gucci come in abundance. With a plethora of Christmas gift suggestions, Korine creates a set of postcards of a paradise we can only dream of. The ticket for this cruise might be off the table (sadly), but at least we have the images and video to observe and pretend we were right there with the Gucci boys and girls. The Gucci App adds another layer of the experience, as it allows you to come along to the island via VR and slap on a face filter featuring lights and shadows inspired by the hues of a summer sunset. And once you’re done with dreaming of a Gucci getaway, there’s two seasons of Cruising with Jane McDonald, waiting for you to binge-watch it.

Creative Director: Alessandro Michele
Art Director: Christopher Simmonds
Photographer and Director: Harmony Korine
Hair Stylist: Alex Brownsell
Make Up: Thomas De Kluyver