Tuesday 1st May

| BY Roxy Lola

Gucci Launch Acqua di Fiori Female Artist Focused Campaign

Gucci_EmmaAIf we were commissioned by Gucci to create artworks around the idea of coming of age, female friendships and the metamorphosis of girl to woman, the outcome would not be as aesthetically pleasing as the 15 female artists they did end up calling upon. Lucky for all, as although we may consider ourselves arteests from time to time, Alessandro Michele really does know how to pick the real deal. A series of witty, beautiful drawings and paintings have been created with this brief in mind as part of the campaign for Alessandro Michele’s second fragrance for women under Gucci, Acqua di Fiori. Gucci love an artist in Instagram residence, and as of today will be rolling out an all girl group of artists, remembering intimate moments of their lives through their work, instilled with the scent and aura of what a bottle of Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiora is filled with. Some artworks have included the delicate pink bottle, the sweet green Herbarium print packaging and the Cassis buds and Galbanum ingredients. Lots to work with. And so too poignant moments have been personally portrayed; We love Emma Allegretti’s Gucci girl so full of sass as she stands in her lab, “One drop of does it look like I care. Two drops of it doesn’t because I don’t.” A mood. Langley Fox Hemingway’s intricate illustrations blossom, bringing Acqua di Fiori wildly to life. Joana Avillez’s superwomen are each discovering something new, the scent becoming a part of them. It’s what a great fragrance does: infuses itself so strongly into your world, a sensory memory for that moment in time forever. Talented women, clever artworks and a new Gucci scent? It’s a good Tuesday afternoon.




gucci_langleyArtworks from top:
Emma Allegretti
Phoebe Collings-James
Frances Cannon
Joy Miessi
Joana Avillez
Langley Fox Hemingway