Wednesday 19th July

| BY Joel Traptow

Gucci Launch New App, Gucci Places


Another week, another Gucci announcement. Which is not to sound blase, no – just the truth. Because last week came the exciting news that you could now Guccify your home with the launch of their interiors collection, Phoebe is still rattling on about that cat pillow. But enough about pussy – we are talking about Gucci’s latest endeavour and this time it’s digital. “Gucci Places” is an app that is designed to invite people to explore locations around the world that have inspired the House.

Gucci will choose a whole variety of locations that reflect the taste and values peculiar to the House and designate them Gucci Places. Whether private or public, hidden or evident, Alessandro Michele’s contemporary aesthetic can be at the tip of one’s fingers simply through the App,” Gucci said. “The idea is to encourage people to discover interesting and unexpected stories and particulars about these places, and so become part of a community, sharing in the House’s enthusiasm for this eclectic collection of locations.”

The first location added is located in our homeland – Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, currently hosting the exhibition “House Style” and was also the location for the Cruise 17 campaign. We love the idea of trolloping around the world to discover new places. Question is: where to next??