Wednesday 28th October

| BY Jack Moss

Gucci Launches #GucciGram


Remember life before Instagram? We can’t. What happened in that cold and barren land? What did we do at a party when we didn’t want to make eye contact with anybody? Or delight the world with an artfully taken selfie? Alessandro Michele of Gucci seems to have a similar spiritual connection to the app (well, maybe not the party bit, we’re sure he’s very sociable) – so much so, he’s established #GucciGram, a project made in its image. This is not some sort of rival, oh no, but a collaboration between Gucci and a set of artists who will reinterpret the house’s codes and motifs across a wide-ranging digital project. “#GucciGram is a starting point to tell different stories, which are all united by a great freedom,” said Michele. “Today creativity is often born and finds its voice in digital media, a vital source of visual culture.” Gucci’s floral #GGBlooms and geometric #GGCaleido are the starting point – the artists interpretations already found across the internet, from Gucci models as weather girls to a racy selfie by Amalia Ulman with just a clutch bag for modesty. We’ve all been there. “The effect is a Pop-cultural explosion of diverse viewpoints – provocative, entertaining and, often, amusing” Gucci say. So keep your eyes peeled – the results will be shown on Gucci’s own Instagram and on a dedicated part of their site, found below. A guaranteed double tap delight.