Thursday 9th February

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Gucci release new Gucci Guilty fragrance

Gucci Guilty Absolute 90 ml

Are you a person outside of Ten Towers who follows our every move and knows exactly what we are doing at any given point in the day? If not, then you should be. We are still pushing for a Gogglebox version of the goings on here for the outside world’s entertainment, but that’s still TBC for now. What isn’t and is most certainly confirmed and ready for purchase asap, is the new Gucci Guilty fragrance from Gucci (duh). A few months back I was even lucky enough to take myself to the Connaught and listen to the maître parfumeur Alberto Morillas (aka the nose) talk about all the fab things it takes to make a fragrance. And he would know, because he’s the first one to ever be tapped for a Gucci fragrance. Take my word for it, it’s a belter. Masculine. Very, very masculine. Smokey, like cigars, mixed with leather. Like your sugar daddy’s study would smell, if you had one. The only problem we have now, is that there are too many boys in the office now, so we are all arguing over who gets to wear it. 5 boys, 5 days of the working week. I got Tuesday. So I guess I’ll see you next Tuesday when I’m sauntering around Soho smelling like a manly man.