Tuesday 20th September

| BY Will Johns

Gucci Release Their Cruise 2017 Campaign

Lounging around a mansion. Riding a white horse. Chasing geese. Swinging off trees. Playing with cows. Oh, the life. This behaviour, captured here by Glen Luchford, is lavish enough, but doing it all in Gucci is next level bougie. Dan knows. He went to his cousins wedding at her now husband’s estate just last week. Dominic says he’s the most bougie of all the interns that have ever had the pleasure of experiencing the 10 office and the flourishing opportunities it provides. He can often be found treating himself to expensive vintage books, luxurious hand creams and gourmet lunches. He doesn’t own an iron. Who needs one, when you can take your clothes to a dry cleaner and pay them to do it for you? And who can blame him? For those working at a luxury fashion magazine, it’s only natural to enjoy the finer things in life. And there’s nothing much finer than Hannelore Knuts, Ellen De Weer, Sophia Friesen, Nika Cole, Dwight Hoogendijk, Nick Fortna, Conner Rowson, Victor Kusma and Vanessa Redgrave swanning around in Gucci at Chatsworth House. Though you may too be all about a luxe lifestyle, you may not have your own mansion in which to do the same. I don’t. But unfortunately, it’s not just not luxe enough without one. Marry money. Become a Lord or Lady. Move to L.A, befriend a plastic surgeon and offer your body to him for a complete remodelling project. Sway his incisions in such a way as to transform yourself into the ultimate playboy bunny and catch Heff’s attention so you can move in, wait for him to kick the bucket, evict the bunnies and claim the mansion as your own. Whatever it may take, we will live the Gucci life.