Thursday 13th July

| BY Jack Moss

Gucci Reveal Gucci Décor (And There’s Cat Cushions)


“Babes,” says Sophia down the line. “Post a declaration, a declaration of how obsessed we are with Gucci Décor. Thanks. Big kiss!” So here that declaration is, and obsessed with Alessandro Michele’s brand new homeware range we most definitely are. It’s genius. “An eclectic collection of items with which customers can dress their own spaces,” says la release. All the pieces are inspired by Alessandro Michele’s collections – from blooming flora to a menagerie of animals, placed here on Florentine porcelain, chairs and candles. Amongst other things. Including cushions. I think Phoebe, are resident cat lady (sorry) actually had a tear in her eyes showing me the pussy pillow above. She’s got a nice new grey sofa that it would look just perfect on, appaz. So we’re expecting them in the post ASAP, nice Gucci people. We’d beg in Italian, if we spoke it. Per favore?

Gucci Décor will launch in Gucci stores and online in September, for now, enjoy the illustration by Alex Merry above…