Monday 28th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Gucci Tag Six New Locations On The Map of Gucci Places

Coco Capitán x Daelim Museum

If the world is an oyster then Gucci is responsible for finding the shiniest pearls out there. As part of their ongoing Gucci Place project, the Italian house is curating worldwide locations that have in some ways inspired the creativity of the brand or its creative director Alessandro Michele. The map has already included a wide variety of hot spots, from the Chatwsorth in Derbyshire, all the way to LACMA in Los Angeles on one and Bibo restaurant in Hong Kong to the other side of the globe. And loads more in between.

For 2019, the map is extending even further, with six brand new locations which have proven significant in the past several months. And to mark this occasion, Gucci assigned each of the six contemporary artists with a place and gave them a polaroid camera to capture the essence of the location. London-born actress Isabella Cotier went to Florence to interpret the Gucci Garden which resulted in a capsule collection of merch sold inside the Garden. Italian artist Silvia Calderoni photographed the Antica Libreria Cascianelli, an antique Roman bookshop, while Insta-famous German insect breeder and Gucci collaborator Adrian Kozakiewicz (@insecthaus_adi) represents the Boboli Gardens in Florence. American Entrepreneur and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row Brandice Daniel visited Dapper Dan’s Atelier, a cult location that was reinstated with Gucci support. Aussie musician and songwriter Alex Cameron celebrates the haunting romanticism of the Hollywood Cemetary where Gucci held a fragrance party with Jared Leto and Lana del Rey back in November. And all the way in Seoul, Korea, photographer and artist Coco Capitan insta-shot the Daelim Museum which has just finished hosting her first Asian standalone exhibition Is It Tomorrow Yet?.

Is a real, hard-bound worldwide travel guide coming next? We sure hope so.

Brandice Daniel x Dapper Dan Atelier

gardino di boboli
Adrian Kozakiewicz x Boboli Gardens

Isabella Cotier x Gucci Garden

Alex Cameron x Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Silvia Calderoni x Antica Libreria Cascianelli