Tuesday 23rd June

| BY Paul Toner

Gucci Enters The Tennis Clash

Ever fancied yourself a virtual tennis champ and wanted a signature uniform to reflect it? Well, your wish is Gucci’s command. Teaming up with mobile game Tennis Clash, the brand is uniting the real-life Gucci universe with the virtual one. Players can shop Gucci looks from the brand’s website, including headgear, shoes, socks and athletic wear. Two of Tennis Clash’s star players, Diana and Jonah, will be dressed in a specific Gucci wardrobe based on actual brand designs. This includes Gucci-stamped headbands, monogrammed tracksuits and t-shirts emblazoned in the brand’s double G logo inside a cherry. Gamers will be able to play inside a brand-new tournament dubbed the ‘Gucci Open’, where players can battle it out with Gucci branded rackets. If you’re going to unleash your inner Serena Williams, you may as well do it in style, right?

Tennis Clash is available to purchase on all major app stores now.