Monday 21st March

| BY Jack Moss

Gucci’s New Dover Street Market Abode

Gucci, sweetheart, I’ve just popped by to see your new home. I was in the neighbourhood. Can you let me in? I’m not in Haymarket often, you see. Okay, yes, just through the doors? The second floor? Fab – I’m coming up. Darling, it’s so great to see you – mwah, mwah. Oh – the place – it’s wonderful!  Yes, yes, I know, who wouldn’t want to live inside the brand new Dover Street Market? It’s just a fabulous proposition. I love what you’ve done with the place. These pistachio walls feel very – now. Padded, marvellous. Perfect for when I’m having my yearly Gucci freakout. The damages I had to pay last time were astronomical. Oh – and this carpet! Peacock green, would we call it? Now – I’m going to be a little coarse, do forgive me – but I really must remove my horsebit loafers and rub my unstockinged foot along the pile. So soft! So luxurious! You must tell me where you got it. What was that? Do I like the clothes? Of course I bloody well do. Excuse my French. Darling, you’ll practically have to strip search me en route to the door – I’m already planning to smuggle out that fabulous embroidered blouson I see on the mannequin over there. Right, now – I must dash. Sorry it’s been such a fleeting house call. But I’ll be back. You’re here until – well, forever.

The permanent Gucci shop-in-shop is open at the brand new Dover Street Market London on Haymarket now /