Monday 16th April

| BY Finn Blythe

H&M Reveal Moschino As Their Next Collaboration

MosIf you, like us, did not spend your weekend amassing AAA wristbands or pulling on your finest crotchet clobber for a #lit Coachella weekend, count yourselves among a precious few. Instead, if you found your weekend was filled with the usual routine of lounging in bed with your cats, trying to tan and ultimately getting sad at around 6pm on Sunday, then let it be known that you are one of us normals. Even so, news of Moschino’s forthcoming collaboration with H&M doubtlessly reached your ears, even if you were not actually at Moschino’s annual Coachella do and stood in front of the huge screens that televised the joint announcement from Jeremy Scott and Gigi Hadid. Launching on November 8th, the collection promises a full range of men’s and womenswear, offering an affordable dose of Mr Scott’s vibrant universe with a TV campaign that promises to be equally deserving of your excitement. According to the release that is press, “The MOSCHINO [tv] H&M campaign is a radically innovative TV concept enmeshing social and traditional media to create a multi-platform takeover – a captivating new “zapping” experience for the digital world.” How fancy. Clear your diaries for this one, it’s going to be huge.