Friday 15th January

| BY Jack Moss

Horst Diekgerdes: Book Release


Want an insight into the wonderful mind of our Editrix-in-Chief Sophia Neophitou? Of course you do. You’d be mad not to. So what if we said we can show you an image from the very first magazine she started called IT? You’d be very lucky wouldn’t you. Real life fashion history. It’s taken from the first monograph from iconic and eccentric photographer Horst Diekgerdes – “a photographic journey from the mid-1990s to the present, the fashion photographs with personal diary pictures, everyday observations and unpublished works.” An treasure trove of a book. The perfect adornement to coffee tables everywhere. See it as a personal recommendation from you to her. A Friday treat.

Horst Diekgerdes is released on 19th January – for more information email

Photograph by Horst Diekgerdes, taken from IT, 1997