Tuesday 4th February

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Hugo Boss Baileys Stardust Private View Off To


Off to the National Portrait Gallery yesterday eve for a private view- attended by a very select few, of Mr. Bailey’s amazing new show Stardust. As a comprehensive overview of the prolific photographers work- spanning the full breadth of his career, you’d ordinarily be forgiven for calling the show a retrospective. But doesn’t the term sort of suggest someone at the end of their prime? Obviously it’s not the case with Bailey. No no! No, no, no, no. Bailey’s a little like that 2 Unlimited anthem. There really is no limit. As was our own thinking a few bevies, and a whole heap of inspiration down the line last night. One of the gallery’s largest scale photography exhibitions to date- featuring over 250 images, an absolute must see that’ll be open to mere civilians from tomorrow. 

Attendees (pictured) include: David and his wife Catherine Dyer, Tiphaine de Lussy, Marie Helvin, Marie Helvin and Zandra Rhodes, Kate Moss, Jerry Hall.


By Vincent Levy