Friday 20th March

| BY 10Magazine

Hugo Boss Brand Reopens Boss Store

Last night Hugo Boss flung open the doors to its Boss store on New Bond Street. There to toast the occasion was handsome chap and star of hit sitcom Him and Her, Russell Tovey. One particular member of Ten Towers (who will remain anonymous) has a soft spot for said handsome chap and upon seeing this photo of him said, “He looks very chesty. His double-breasted jacket is enhancing his buff body strength.” Oo-er. When probed, this member of Ten Towers said that his perfect Friday night would be eating pizza in bed with this buff-bodied thespian. We’re 90% sure “eating pizza in bed” wasn’t a euphemism but then one can never be 100% sure with our wily Willy. Shit. There goes our fashion coordinator’s cover. Anyway, the store is clean and angular-looking – just like the collections it houses. And though we can’t promise that Russell will be there when you visit it, we can promise that buff-body-strength-enhancing clothes, like his double-breasted jacket, will be.

By Ted Stansfield