Monday 29th July

| BY 10Magazine

Hugo Boss Hug0 20 Years 20 Iconic Items Were


We’re using the resounding GONG from the enclosed to count our way down to part-ay time tomorrow evening at the opening of Hugo’s new show Red Never Follows at the Saatchi Gallery, where 20 contemporary creatives have been invited to exhibit. Lots of other tid bits going on online in the lead up too……just spied over on 10Aus a little Wedding Video style best wishes message from none other than Jared Leto. Get’s me thinking- it must also be at least 2 decades since I first set eyes on his floppy locks in My So Called Life. Where is my youth vanishing to?! Anyway- very much enjoying the exits glimpsed in this video. A special collection of 20 iconic pieces designed especially for the anniversary. Are you getting this yet? It’s all about the big 2-0.

by Vincent Levy