Wednesday 2nd May

| BY Finn Blythe

Hugo Boss Unveil Their Vegan Sneaker Collection Made From Pineapple

HGYes, you’ve read that correctly, a shoe made of fruit. And not any old dregs-of-the-greengrocer kind of fruit, or something weird and old like a quince, but an apple of the pine, a regal and exotic fruit that not only wears its own crown but one that is unanimously considered to be very delicious. Just don’t put it on pizza. Or be tempted to give said shoe a lick – the snozberries do not taste like snozberries. Put it on your feet instead, like the clever folk at Hugo Boss, who have teamed up with the brains at Piñatex for a shoe that offers a glimpse into the future.

Forget self-tying laces and booster jets, the shoe of tomorrow is smart in different ways. It’s innovative and cutting edge but not thanks to any garish gizmos that shout ‘sleep with me’, more in a way that calmly points out, ‘I care about the future of our planet and these shoes help me do that’. Launching today, this 100% vegan shoe is 100% guilt free, meaning you have more room to take on guilt you might have previously overlooked. When was the last time you called your Nan, for instance? Didn’t you say you were going to try and learn French this year? Time to re-address all of your deeply buried guilt now that you no longer feel bad about the environmental impact of your shoes. You are so welcome. 

The collection is available globally from 2nd May at £269