Wednesday 15th January

| BY Paul Toner

Let’s Dance! Hugo Release a David Bowie-Inspired Capsule Collection

January 10th marked four years since the death of David Bowie. Aside from giving us a discography unlike any other, Bowie was an undisputed fashion icon of our times. As gender-bending as it was out of this world, the late singer’s fashion evolution saw a chorus of personas, styles and serious fashion OMG moments embodied across a decade-spanning career. From becoming the alien-like Ziggy Stardust to the tan ode to fantastic tailoring during the years he spent in Berlin, the Thin White Duke knew how to turn a lewk or two.

It is this inimitable sense of style that Hugo is celebrating in their latest limited-edition capsule collection. Hugo Loves Bowie sees a chorus of unisex t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and scarfs that marry Bowie iconography with Hugo’s dedication to craft. Standouts include a series of apparel that riff off Bowie’s seminal Heroes album – with tees that feature the album’s artwork and the original slogan that was used to promote the record when it was released back in 1977: “tomorrow belongs to those can hear it coming.” One hoodie sees Masayoshi Sukita’s fantastic images that accompanied the album emblazoned on the back, the torso stamped with the Hugo logo and equipped with a dazzling metal drawstring. Slick with a timeless sense of appeal, this collection carries the same style sensibilities as the man himself – a must-have for Bowie fanatics across the globe.

The ‘Hugo Loves Bowie’ capsule collection is available now online and in select stores.