Monday 14th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Hugo Release Digital Capsule Collection Co-Designed By Their Instagram Followers


In brand management, audience interaction has never been as big as it is right now. Whether we’re talking National Rail replying to its customer’s Tweets or fashion brands taking down product deemed offensive by their audience, it’s clear we’re living in a world of two-way communication chains. Taking that social media interaction to next level, Hugo have just released a digital capsule collection designed in collab with their Instagram following.

Back in June 2018, Hugo started this process with a series of videos – behind-the-scenes live streaming directly from the design studio, as well as interviews with Hugo’s designer Bart de Backer – giving the audience an insight into the design process. But before any decisions were made, the Hugo fans had a chance to use the Instagram voting feature to direct the collection into whichever way they wanted. And now, six months later, these pieces are coming back online – now they’re on sale.

Apparently, Hugo’s Insta-following is all about comfort. Coming our way just in time for Blue Monday, the collection is fitting the clean lines executed in dark blue jerseys, only embellished with logos and the crisp red line. And just like that, Blue Monday is blue no more…

The Hugo digital capsule collection is available to shop online.