Thursday 3rd August

| BY Finn Blythe

HUGO Flip Their Logo For New Capsule Collection


HUGO are really flipping things on their head at the moment. Well their logo anyway. As part of their latest capsule collection – AKA the reversed collection 2.0 and a follow up on last year’s memorable capsule – the HUGO logo has been reversed on a collection of tees, sweats and accessories. This year there are some changes – most notably the camo. They’ve only gone and re-invented it. Gone are the blobular (allow us) spills of varying shades of green, replaced here with a more angular, jagged sort of thing that looks a bit mean. Is it equally effective in the field? Who cares, the message is a clear one – for us at least – break out of your normal routines, flip the switch, shake up the applecart, wear some HUGO reverse tees. Life’s short. Wear HUGO.