Thursday 29th October

| BY Jack Moss

Hussein Chalayan debuts Gravity Fatigue


It doesn’t take us to tell you that Mr Hussein Chalayan is a very clever man. Even the briefest glimpse into his mind is enough to cause Inception-esque musings on the meaning of life. I mean, this is a man who just last month made a dress dissolve in front of our eyes. Like magic! Good news, then, for anybody with an intellectual bent (us on a good day) – yesterday saw the debut performance of Chalayan’s first dalliance into the world of theatre, a performance art-cum-dance show at Sadler’s Wells – Gravity Fatigue. Which is fitting, because just like if gravity were to get fatigued, the performance is bound to float you out of your seat and into a higher place. “It’s not going to be like a dance show”, Chalayan told i-D magazine. “It’s trying to propose new ways of looking at something. It’s abstraction based on observation. I’m an observer in many ways, I explore new ideas and propose new ways of looking”. But clothes are still key – “there is a very interesting correlation between clothes and movement, and I think the clothes are the grammar for the movement.” I mean, we guess its only fair he occasionally stretches his genius outside of the catwalk. We’re cancelling our evening plans and booking a ticket as we speak. Find us in the lobby doing our best Pina Bausch impression. It’s all theatre, darling!

Gravity Fatigue is on now at Sadler’s Well – be quick, the extra-short run ends on Saturday..