Monday 29th April

| BY Dino Bonacic

Bustiers For Everyone – Here Are 10 People Proving Their Timeless Appeal

Bustiers are in the news for all the wrong reasons. After an ex editor decided to shame supermodel Helena Christensen for being “too old” to wear one for a night out on the town via a British daily newspaper, the righteous social media uproar in defence of the supporting this outfit choice is going strong. But more than defending the piece of clothing, this social upheaval comes in support of the people wearing them. Whatever the age, size, gender or race – there’s no reason one person should categorically be prohibited from wearing a piece of clothing, just because they don’t fall into a certain type. The most ridiculous counter-point to the argument the said article is making – Christensen has worn many a bustier/ corset during her catwalk hey-day, arguably creating the trend of wearing underwear as outerwear via Gianni Versace’s shows. That same editor was then sat front row, cheering on the model sashaying down an elevated catwalk exposed to the world.

In a time where celebrating people for who they are and what they look like is finally becoming the norm of the industry, it seems completely out of touch to propose a very narrow standard of beauty that doesn’t even include a supermodel. Wanting to look fierce isn’t just limited to Bella Hadid (who makes it look effortless indeed) – I’m actually ordering myself a black lacy number via Amazon as we speak. In honour of the rich history of bustiers and people wearing them, Team Ten curated 10 important fashion moments starring the piece – both on and off the catwalks. Madonna, Sophia Loren, Violet Chachki and Lizzo… All hail the bustier!