Monday 12th June

| BY Joel Traptow

Inside 10 Men And Charles Jeffrey’s LOVERBOY Party With Patron At The London Edition

Ain’t no party like a 10 Magazine party, cause a 10 Magazine party don’t stop – etc. etc. Lob in the glamour of Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY and, well, you have a party best described as: hot. Let me paint you a visual: 5 years of London Fashion Week Men’s, a gathering of PYTs, one luxe hotel, the London Edition, and (several) cocktails by Patron served, just as we like them (and our men, women, etc.): strong. There were even pink and blue ones, made especially for us, and inspired by our Editrix-in-Chief, la Neophitou. Namely: “the cackle.”

The guests? The fashion elite, obv – an eclectic gathering of designers, Stephen Jones, Roland Mouret, Liam Hodges, Alex Mullins, one Hollywood bombshell, Noomi Rapace, and the man of the hour Charles Jeffrey and his brill gang of LOVERBOY pals. Looks were being not just served, but served on a silver platter splashed with glitter. We danced these little booties off until the wee hours celebrating everything young, fabulous and fashion. It brought back the good old days, apparently. Can we do another one tonight? Please?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans / /