Monday 5th September

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Personally we fell in love the moment we saw the pearl curtains at the entrance of ‘Une Promenade’. That would have been enough for us. What greeted us beyond them was enough to induce a Chanel seizure. None of it. unfortunately was for sale. It’s been built just for show. We tried to take a momento, but waht with seizing all over the place it didn’t quite work. We can always go back though, just must remember to take our pills first.

Personally, we like to drown ourselves in No5. Take a bath in it at least twice a day.

The Harrods bears that were sent to Pairs to be kitted out in what can only be called ‘teddy couture’. Lucky bitches.

As in the bag. Not the time.

Looks just like that security camera room in ‘Sliver’, except rather than watching Sharon Stone take a bath, you get to watch a Chanel bag being made.

Oh look, it’s an ouline of a Chanel 2.55 stitched onto a tweed wall. You might notbe able to afford one, but at least ou can always say you’ve felt one.

Life size couture in a life size, i.e. human and by human we mean us sized box. We’ve ordered it for our funeral. When we go, we will do so wrapped in many layers of double C tissue.

Karl Lagerfeld’s library. Complete with Karl voice over.

They’ve even got bags so big that technically, well if you were very small, or under the age of five you could live in. Can you get surgery to make you shorter? Take a few inches off the legs with out losing the feet?

The Chanel/ Harrods shopper!

Chanel’s World at Harrods: 5th- 24th September, 2011

by Natalie Dembinska