Tuesday 5th July

| BY Jack Moss

Miu Miu Brings the-miu-miu-club to Paris

On arrival at my Parisian abode (hotel) I received a mysterious envelope. Inside, a card. An invitation to an exclusive member’s establishment, the-miu-miu-club. Would I, a la, Eyes Wide Shut, be attending a mass masked orgy and find myself embroiled of a spiral of events that led me to the underbelly of Paris? No, thankfully. This was a far more pleasurable and wholly less dramatic experience. Because, as I arrived at the Hotel de la Paiva on the Champs Elysees, I was greeted not by sex-mad revellers but instead, as the name suggested, Miu Miu, specifically their most fabulous Cruise 2017 collection. A collection that was presented about the house on a selection of artfully reclined models. So artfully reclined, in fact, I actually said sorry to one mistaking it for a human. The clothes were a bit nineties raver, given the Miu Miu treatment – chunky platform shoes, electric colours, crop tops, rainbow stripes. Please note, also the present of the bucket hat, which is making an overdue comeback. There was also, to fit with said party spirit, drinks and dancing, including a nice turn on the DJ booth by a hair-tossing Kate Moss. Lovely.