Friday 3rd April

| BY Paul Toner

@InternetGirl Gives Her Fellow Depop Sellers Some Top Tips Ahead of Her Instagram ‘Stay At Home Session’

If you’re an avid Depop-er, like me, you’ll most definitely know who @internetgirl is. With over 600k followers on the e-tailor, Bella McFadden has crafted an aesthetic that meets Daria with a Bratz doll who somehow manages to dress like Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She sells early-aughts vintage rarities, as well as her own label iGirl, which is cute, cropped and craved for by girls across the globe who are more interested in dressing like they’re in Ghost World than a Boohoo campaign. As one of Depop’s most-followed sellers, backed by a loyal international fanbase, it was only right that McFadden would be chosen by Depop to host the latest installment of Stay at Home Sessions. Launched last week and is set to run every Friday evening, Depop will hold Instagram lives with various of their ‘hero sellers’ who will have a platform to engage with their customers and offer expert advice on re-selling and Depop fashion in general. “I wanted to use this time as an opportunity to connect with my fellow community of sellers, and to offer support to the Depop community which has equally been so supportive of me,” explains McFadden.

Stay At Home Session couldn’t come at a more vital time. For most Depop major sellers, whose sole income comes directly from sales through the platform, the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus could seriously damage their business. Are people really going to be interested in buying or selling clothes on Depop during a pandemic? “Given that many of us have an excess of idle time at home, I would definitely advise sellers to use this time to get creative and keep active!” she says. “Restyling or reshooting existing inventory to give products a new life is a simple way to relist certain items. Also, there are a number of shipping alternatives for sellers to use like scheduling a pick up to ensure they get their orders out without ever having to leave home.” McFadden also calls for a stronger sense of communication between sellers and their buyers: “If you’re delayed in shipping or facing any other issues, it’s important to be transparent and open about them with buyers. They’ll definitely understand as we are all in this together.”

Luckily for us, @internetgirl hasn’t given up turning lewks during self-isolation. “Honestly I’ve been continuing to dress up during quarantine! Dressing up in the morning is super motivating and inspiring for me so I decided I wouldn’t let the lockdown stop me from keeping those creative juices flowing,” she says. What have been her everyday staples? “So recently it’s been lots of mini skirts, statement tights and vintage tees for me.” I think we need to follow suit…

Depop’s ‘Stay at Home Sessions’ with @internetgirl takes place this evening at 9 pm BST on @depop’s Instagram live.