Tuesday 30th January

| BY Joel Traptow

Introducing Code Coco, The Latest Watch From Chanel

Co4CODE COCO, makes me think of spies, or secret agents like Charlie’s Angels, but Chanel’s version… Beautiful, smart, and could whoop your ass in a second, all while wearing a tweed skirt suit. Their secret weapon? The CODE COCO watch. Quite fabulous, non? But this isn’t about me trying to sell you a screen play I’ve been working on, no, it really is about the new Chanel watch. Designed to look like a bracelet in all it’s ornamental glory, but when you take a second glance you realise it is in fact a watch… Or is it?

A closure, the same that appears on the classic 2.55 bag, allows you to conceal or show the time depending on what kind of mood you’re in. AKA a being on time, or (if you’re more like us) going with the flow kind of mood. The strap is quilted and the faces are icy, (no, not cold, icy is rap language for diamonds of course) boasting 52 of the little sparklers in fact. So now we know that this watch is sleek and mysterious, so all around perfect for a secret agent, you might be wondering who we would cast as Coco’s Angels? Well Chanel has already got it sorted, with the fabulous faces of the campaign; Soo Joo Park, Chloe Wise, Nozomu Iijima and Alessandra Mastronardi. Voila the campaign images. Now excuse me, I’ve got a screenplay to write.

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