Friday 1st April

| BY Jack Moss

Introducing The KENZO x Jungle Book Collection

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When I was a child, each Christmas day I would put on a special performance for my family. Inevitably this performance a) involved me dressing up as a woman  b) ended with a shower of confetti and the sounds of the Spice Girl’s “Spice Up Your Life” and c) was based on a Disney film. A one-man version of Mulan was a particular highlight. My five-year-old, Disney-obsessed self, then, looks at these just-released images of the KENZO x The Jungle Book collection with what can only be described as deep envy. I could have only dreamed of owning such garments to prance about my living room in.

The special collection was made to coincide with the release of the live action version of the film later this month, KENZO’s Humberto Leon and Carol Lim taking the original Disney sketches as a starting point and then adding their own tres chic touch, emblazoning their colourful prints across shirts, trousers, t-shirts and all those other things that you might choose to wear upon your body.

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On the collaboration they said, “what we found most appealing for this project was to marry strong Jungle Book elements with details that we know as quintessential KENZO. There’s a way that everything comes together that is slightly familiar but also really fresh and exciting… everything has been executed in a way that feels elevated and modern which has been the collective goal of Disney and KENZO from the very beginning of this collaboration.”

The collection is available from April 7th in KENZO’s Bruton St store, Selfridges London and their website