Tuesday 18th October

| BY Jack Moss

Is Raf Simons Working With Sterling Ruby Again At Calvin Klein?


Is Raf Simons teaming up with artist BFF Sterling Ruby once again? Well, so says Page 6. Apparently, the Los Angeles-based artist has been spotted popping in and out of Calvin Klein HQ in New York – the “undisclosed source” reporting that Sterling Ruby has been brought it to transform the Calvin Klein flagship store into a “vast gallery-like space,” which “would be a huge departure from the sleek look they have now.” Oooh. Makes sense – Ruby was previously invited to use Raf’s Tokyo store as a “blank canvas”, as well, of course as collaborating with Simons on his AW14 collection (above). Are more beautiful fashion babies out of the question? Well, undisclosed source number 2 says a resounding “no” on both counts. Apparently Sterling’s just popping round for a natter. “Sterling has been in and out of the building,” he/she says. “He and Raf are best friends. Of course they are meeting.” Either way, our excitement for Simons’ debut at Calvin Klein (most likely during men’s week, in January) is reaching level: rabid.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans