J.W.Anderson And A$AP Rocky Collaborate On A New Collection


A$AP Rocky is living his dreams. He’s collaborating with J.W.Anderson on a new collection. He’s a superfan. Like us. Yup, everyone’s favourite rapper and everyone’s favourite designer? Win win. Having worn one of his J Dubz’s pieces in his music video ‘Jukebox Joints’, A$AP has been following J.W. for a long time. An inevitable coupling, one might say. Pieces include track pants, beanies and, personal favourite, the heavy-duty fur coats. Anderson, being an equal fan of A$AP, gave him full reign over the creations, resulting in custom graphics like ‘JWA AWGE’, which may leave you questioning: but what does it mean? Well don’t bother to ask A$AP. “The first rule of AWGE is don’t ask questions about AWGE,” Rocky explains (or doesn’t). “The second rule of AWGE is that if you are a part of AWGE, then you cannot discuss AWGE. The third rule of AWGE is refer back to rule number one if you have any questions.” Vaguely terrifying. And amazing. Head down to the Shoreditch store where the collaboration is on sale already. Don’t ask, just buy.