Tuesday 2nd August

| BY Dominic Cadogan

J.W.Anderson Introduces His AW16 Campaign

The Hadid sisters have caused a rift between us here at Ten Towers. There are two camps – Team Bella and Team Gigi. Technically, there are three camps, there is also Team No Hadids, but that is just Garth and none of us pay attention to that kind of negativity anyway. So back to the Battle of the Hadids. I find myself as part of Team Bella. I love her sultriness, and I screamed when she wore that red dress with the waist high split in Cannes. Will, however, is Team Gigi (boo). He loves her womanly form, and thinks that she has heaps and heaps of sex appeal, much more than any other model. She’s like the ‘girl next door’. Whatever you say Will. You can imagine Team Bella’s excitement when the J.W.Anderson campaign was released with the star as none other than Bella Hadid. Her arresting beauty that cannot be compared to any other. Since the release I have printed 1000 copies of the campaign and plastered all over Team Gigi’s desks. I have also clogged their inboxes with emails of the pictures entitled ‘TEAM BELLA’. So as you peruse the pictures, make the right choice. Team Bella is for life, not just for Christmas.