Thursday 26th September

| BY 10Magazine

J W Anderson Receives Lvmh Investment And Is


By now you’ve probably seen a few hundred times over that shot of Jonathan Anderson- or J Dubz as we’ve been calling him since receiving actual permission a few issues back, stood arms folded in front of Paris’ Arch de Triomphe. We’ve all had trouble getting a cab in the prettiest of stop off’s in our seasonal fashion tour- but we’re realizing (a few lattes down the line, as the news dropped late yesterday) that the stance, and actually rather satisfied expression is more representative of his new position in fashiondom of which Paris is naturally the pinnacle. You haven’t heard? Well, not only has J.W. Anderson- which as it stands is based in a rather humble 14 person studio in London’s Dalston received a major cash injection from industry giants LVMH, but Jonathan himself has been appointed Creative Director of Spanish leather house Loewe. Team 10 are especially excited to see another history steeped house invest in young talent, especially one that’s so digitally aware, and refreshingly- in the current climate, so decidedly boundary pushing too. It sort of feels like a throw back to other European houses investments in British  so called ‘enfant terribles’ in the 90’s? We can’t wait to get some J.W. designed leathers in our clutches…whether we’ve only got to wait until next season, or will have to grin and bear it for a whole year. Yes, yes, we’re obviously harassing the relevant PR’s to try and find out…And yes, we’ve opted to use this black and white portrait to illustrate our piece instead. He looks pretty.

by Vincent Levy