Wednesday 29th March

| BY Jack Moss

J.W.Anderson To Collaborate With Uniqlo


Employing the use of more junior members of the 10 team (it’s allowed, we pay them) to mop my expiring brow at receipt of this latest news from the house of J.W.Anderson. As of some point this upcoming fall season, our favourite Irishman will be collaborating with Japanese fast fashionistas Uniqlo on a brand new capsule collection. Which means men’s and womenswear, all at Uniqlo prices *internal scream*. Lord knows we love a trip to Uniqlo here at Ten Towers – it’s perfect to pick up a crisp cotton tee in moments of unexpected afternoon schvitzing. “Collaborations are incredibly important in design,” said Mr Anderson. “When I think of Uniqlo, I think of things that are perfectly made, that people have spent a lot of time considering; it’s a difficult job, and I think Uniqlo do it very well. Working with Uniqlo is probably the most incredible template of democracy in fashion, and it’s nice that my design can be accessible to anyone, on all different levels.” Would it be inappropriate to start queuing now? /